Our Projects

Nate Bot

A Multi-Purpose Discord Bot capable of doing Moderation, Customization, Games, Roleplay functionality.

Developed by NTM Nathan

Hive Tools (New Beta!)

View the new Beta Website!

A Statistics Tracking Tool that lets you look up your Bedrock Stats and Leaderboards on the Website and Discord Bot.

Developed by Paroxity with help by NTM Development

Ichigo API

An Rest API Service that lets you manipulate images with Image Generation, Various Image GIF endpoints and text such as 8ball, YouTube.

Developed by NTM Nathan and Hydroxin


A Feature Rich Discord Music Bot with Song Saving and Equaliser Effects.

Developed by NTM Development

Server Tags

A Discord Bot that lets you create, edit, recall Tags created by users.

Developed by NTM Nathan

Contributed Projects

Projects we've contributed and volunteered for.


A third party Deno library for interacting with the Discord API.

Developed by Skillz4Killz