Our Projects

Nate Bot

A Multi-Purpose Discord Bot capable of doing Moderation, Customization, Games, Roleplay functionality.

Servers x Votes

Hive Tools

A Statistics Tracking Tool that lets you look up your Bedrock Stats and Leaderboards on the Website and Discord Bot.
This is a collaboration project between Paroxity and NTM Development

DisBots - Formerly HD Development

Under Rewrite/Rebrand Status - Under Acquision Status

HD Development is a Community where it has a Bot Listing Website where you can submit Discord Bots!
This is a collaboration project between HD Development and NTM Development


A smart bot which handles moderation, logging and games and can do all of them in the same time

Project Highrise

An upcoming Discord Bot, the new successor to Nate Bot.

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Server Tags

A Discord Bot that lets you create, edit, recall Tags created by users.

Ichigo API (Replacing Nate Bot API)

An Rest API Service that lets you manipulate images with Image Generation, Various Image GIF endpoints and text such as 8ball, YouTube.